Natural Herbs for Female Libido

Sep 18th, 2012

Problems with libido are not only a man’s concern. Women like you may reach a stage in your life when you lose your sexual urge which greatly affects sexual performance. The main culprit to this problem is “hormonal changes”. Here is a list of herbs that can help you with your problems with female libido:

Black Cohosh

This is also referred to as squawroot. Black cohosh can mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen in your body. This helps in balancing the level of this hormone in your system. Black cohosh is known to effectively treat menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings and a poor libido.

Damiana Leaf

Scientifically known as turneria aphrodisiaca, this shrub is native to Central and North America. It can enhance arousal and can enhance the circulation of blood to your clitoris. It is a highly sensitive tissue that influences your ability to achieve orgasm. Damiana leaf can also improve your interest towards sex.


There are many health benefits to this herb. Licorice is a flavorful plant which is native to some parts of Europe and Asia. It helps balance your hormone levels and enhance your libido. This is also known for its health benefits such as treating fluid retention and tenderness to the breasts as well as in boosting your energy levels. Licorice loses its effectiveness when it is heavily processed. This herb can be made into flavorful candies that can serve you with its health benefits as well as a boost to female libido.

Maca Root

This natural substance encourages the synthesis of the female hormone estrogen as well as progesterone. These naturally existing substances in the body affect how you function reproductively. Maca root can treat vaginal dryness as well as restore your sexual desire. It is rich in several nutrients such as vitamins, zinc, iron and calcium that also affect sexual health.

Panax Ginseng

Also known as Asian ginseng, Panax ginseng has estrogenic effects. They mimic how the hormone estrogen functions in your body. They help in the development of your reproductive structures as well as in treating vaginal atrophy that may come with aging. Traditional Asian medicine uses ginseng as a remedy in improving strength as well as promoting longevity. Also, panax ginseng works well in enhancing breast milk production.


Though these herbs are considered “natural”, they can have serious effects to your body. You know very well how synthetic estrogen can compromise your health. If herbs like black cohosh and ginseng can mimic the effects of the said hormone in the body, it may as well cause serious problems. Also, products for female libido that are said to be made from natural herbs must be scrutinized well for their effectiveness and more importantly for safety reasons. Always do background check on these products.

It is still vital that you do your homework by researching about these ingredients and how they are used. They are considered as natural remedies for problems with female libido that when used properly can help you with your sexual issues.

Breast Enhancement Surgery: Risk for Bleeding

Sep 8th, 2012

Breast surgeries are gaining much popularity today. You may be discouraged to take this breast enhancement approach because of the fear of developing complications such as bleeding. In whatever procedure that involves cutting the skin, bleeding is a consequence.

How It is Done

Breast augmentation uses implants that can increase the size of your breasts or reconstruct the whole tissue. You can have this procedure if you want to have the sexy-looking fuller breasts or for reconstructive reasons after a previous surgery (like mastectomy) or for trauma to the chest.

Your surgeon will choose the implant that will best suit your need. There are different shapes of implants available. It may contain either silicone or saline. An incision is made on areas where the scar may be less visible such as around the nipples or on the base of the breast. This will allow the passage of the implant. As your skin is cut minimal bleeding may be noted. This is normal since blood vessels are severed as the scalpel cuts on your skin.


This is one of the complications of breast enhancement surgeries that you fear most. You may have heard about rare cases of profuse bleeding after a breast operation. However, these cases are rare. With your surgeon’s expertise, this complication is highly preventable.


Your surgeon needs to assess your history and do physical exam on you prior the procedure. An informed consent is very important so he explains to you the whole procedure and what you will expect after the surgery. Feel free to ask questions. Don’t sign any consent without you understanding the procedure.

A thorough assessment is very important. Your surgeon may ask you about your medical history such existing diseases and the current medications you are taking. This is because there are conditions that may increase your risk of bleeding.

Coagulation Problems

Certain diseases such as hemophilia and coagulation factor deficiencies make you at a great risk to bleed after the operation. You are more likely to bleed when you undergo certain invasive procedures such as breast enhancement surgery. It is very critical.

Also, you may be taking drugs such as those that affect the coagulation of the blood such as coumadin and aspirin. They are known to thin the blood and put you at risk of bleeding. Your surgeon may suggest stopping these medications for a period of time before undergoing the surgery. However, risks and consequences must be considered well as not to compromise your health.

The Technique

Breast enhancement surgeons use a technique in order to prevent possible complications such as the tendency to bleed. The incision your doctor makes is just right to accommodate the implant that is placed under your breast tissue. It is very important that you do your assignment by doing a background check on your surgeon.

Licensed cosmetic surgeons are the only ones allowed to do such delicate procedure. Know your doctor very well before going under the knife. Today, with a competent and skilled surgeon you can be assured of a successful breast enhancement surgery.

Why You Should Use Female Libido Enhancers

Aug 29th, 2012

These days, the market is teeming with a lot of female libido enhancers that aim at helping women who have lost their interest in sex.

However, there are some women who are reluctant to go for these products, citing that it is embarrassing for other people to know that they are having a problem with their respective sex lives.

What these women don’t realize is that these female libido enhancers can actually save their marriage or relationships. After all, these female libido enhancers are nothing to be ashamed about.

So, are you one of these women who are still skeptical about buying these female libido enhancers? Then, it’s high time you changed your mind.

Read the following reasons why you should try female libido enhancers if you have already lost your sexual desire.

  • Men Love Sex

While it is true that the pleasure of sex can be felt by both men and women, there is no denying that majority of the men out there are far more interested in sex as compared to women. Men are sexual creatures while women are more emotional.

Isn’t it that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus? So, if you have already lost your interest in sex, and your partner demands that you submit yourself to him for sexual consumption, and you refuse, it’s going to be a big deal to him.

This can push him to look for another woman who can satisfy his cravings for sex. This can definitely take a toll on your marriage that may lead him to file for divorce. Would you like that to happen? Of course, not!

So, if you really love your husband, and you value your marriage, by all means, try the female libido enhancer.

  • Sex Benefits Your Health

Of course, sex is a basic desire that has to be satiated. Both men and women are rewarded by the pleasure that comes with the act. But, do you know that sex benefits your health, too? Yes, it does.

Medical studies have revealed that people who engage in sex have higher level of immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that prevents infections.

In another study, it was also revealed that people who have sex for twice a week, at least, are 50 percent less prone to stroke. Furthermore, sex can help you lose some unwanted pounds because 30 minutes of engaging in it can make you burn 85 calories!

  • Sex Relieves Stress

Many people who are stressed out because of work yet engage in sex have revealed that their stress decreases after having sex. In fact, they respond to stress better as compared to those who don’t have regular sex.

So, are you feeling grumpy lately? Then, it’s high time that you bought female libido enhancers so that you can have more sex with your partner and increase your stress tolerance level.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, sex is a vital ingredient for every relationship or marriage. However, there’s more to the pleasure of sex as you have already read. If your female libido has dwindled, you should do something to address it.

And, using female libido enhancers is the best way to address it.

Natural Breast Enhancement Techniques

Mar 16th, 2012

There are a lot of women all over the world who feel rather insecure about themselves in some form or another. While some deal with blemished skin and cellulite, there are others who are actually out to improve the size of their most obvious assets, namely the breasts. There’s nothing more frustrating for a woman like you to know that you have a chest so flat like a plain, your male partners would be much better off caressing their own chests during the act of love making. This is something which can really take a toll on your self confidence. You would want to appear desirable and more appealing to men, and having a nice pair of breasts which are firm and big can definitely help with that. Then again, you wouldn’t want to go under the knife. As a matter of fact, you would rather avoid this option especially since you’ve heard reports of other women going through surgical procedures with disappointing results. Instead, you would want to go the natural route. Just what are the ways in which you can get to increase the size of your breasts then?

Below are some methods of natural breast enhancement which you might want to look into.

  • Yoga is something which has long been practiced by the sages of India and is quite effective as a treatment for many kinds of diseases. It’s also quite useful if you want to lose some weight and relieve yourself of the stresses which burden you. Truth be told, it’s also one of the most effective ways to naturally enhance the size of your breasts, while also keeping you healthy and full of life. There are several poses in yoga which can truly increase breast size, and all of them can be learned with the help of a qualified yoga therapist. As a matter of fact, practicing them incorrectly can have certain adverse effects too. •
  • Apart from yoga, you can simply utilize pectoral exercises which are known to help enhance breast size in the most natural way. Some of these exercises include push ups, the stretching of your hands and pressing palms together. Even using dumbbells during exercise routines can be a great help for those women who are looking to have fuller, bigger breasts.
  • There are also some alternate therapies such as hypnosis and homeopathy which can increase a woman’s breast size. With homeopathy, one can take pills which contain extracts from herbs and minerals, and are very effective. However, one has to remember that this is a practice which has a gradual pace and can take up to 6 months in order to fully see the results. •

These are just some of the ways in which one can experience breast enhancement in a natural manner. With these methods, any woman, including you, will begin to be more comfortable with her physique, and become more confident as the sizes of her breasts are greatly improved.

Female Libido: Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

Dec 10th, 2011

It is said that one of the things that put a strain on the marriage of a couple is an inactive sex life. More often than not, this problem comes about because of the decrease of the female libido.

If a wife loses her interest in sex, there is that big possibility that the husband will look for another partner and become philandering.

So, are you one of the many women who have lost their interest in sex? If so, what are the reasons? When a man loses interest in sex, the most common reason is that he has erectile dysfunction. Is this the same with women?

According to experts, the following are the reasons for the decrease of the female libido:

  • Poor Image of One’s Body

According to a conducted research, one of the most common reasons why a woman loses interest in sex is because of how she perceives her body.

Often, this happens to women who have already gained much weight and have lost the shape that she once took pride in. They feel embarrassed to offer their bodies to their partner.

In some cases, they constantly think that their bodies are not worth making love with, so they cannot get an arousal. Could this the reason for the decrease in your female libido?

  • Inadequate Sleep

Another reason why women lose their interest in sex is because they haven’t slept well. Well, adequate amount of sleep is very important in order for people to have the energy in order for them to be able to perform well in something, including sex.

After all, sex is a physical activity that requires a good deal of energy that sleep provides.

  • Stress

Without question, stress is one inhibitor in libido, not only among females, but also among males, too. After all, how can you think of sex if your mind is filled with a lot of things?

More often than not, women who are stressed out at work or at home spend a great deal of time thinking or worrying about their source of stress.

So, if you are stressed out, and your partner wants to make love with you, he should make sure that his moves to arouse you should be stronger than the effects of the stress that you are experiencing, especially if it is mental stress.

After all, it has been proven in a study that sex is a great stress reliever.

  • Relationship Issues

It is common for women to lose interest in sex if they have issues with their partner. While it is true that it is a lot easier for men to forego of whatever the argument was in favor of sex, women are different. After all, women are more emotional rather than sexual.

Now, are any of the 4 reasons mentioned above the reason why you feel that your interest in sex is dwindling? If not, it’s high time that you seek the help of the experts so that you can be helped.

After all, the market is flooded with many female libido enhancers that have brought back the vitality of many couple’s sex life.

Breast Enhancement –Using Herbal Solutions for Bigger Breasts

Sep 14th, 2011

There are many women who undergo rather painful surgical procedures in hopes of acquiring more appealing bodies. They would want to enhance themselves in every possible way, even if they have to burn holes in their pockets. However, surgery can be quite risky as well, with many people having reported side effects and unsatisfactory results. This is something most apparent with breast enhancement procedures. However, this isn’t to say that going under the knife is the end all, be all of seeing an increase in your breast size. After all, you would wish to feel a lot more confident and hope to fill out your clothes better. With surgery, you just might end up making it worse, especially when you leave it all in the hands of an unqualified, inexperienced surgeon.

Thankfully, there are natural ways to increase the size of your breasts. However, before you actually consider these options, always remember that it takes a lot of time before any real results will be evident. Increasing your breast size is something that will never happen overnight. Remember, patience is a virtue, and will bear the fruits of your labor. With that out of the way, below are some ways in which you can increase the size of your breasts naturally.

  • You will need to trigger the production of estrogen in order to enhance your breast size. This is something achievable with the help of certain herbs that were used by several women of royal status long before you were born. In fact, one of the most effective herbs to remedy this concern is fenugreek. Apart from actually triggering estrogen, it also serves to purpose of stimulating prolactin, which is a hormone that’s required to help you increase the size of your breasts as well as make them firmer. This is an herb which you can use overnight, and you only need to make a paste out of it. You will need to rub said paste on your breasts. However, you may even drink fenugreek extract in the morning before you eat your breakfast. This is something which also proves effective in helping you reach your goals of having better looking breasts. You can even incorporate it in a number of recipes.
  • There are a lot of other herbal remedies which you can make use of as well in order to help you get bigger breasts. As a matter of fact, you can consume lots of wild yam, or take herbal extracts such as fennel seeds, sesame seeds, saw palmetto, watercrass leaves, dandelion root and grape seeds. Sesame seeds actually contain a lot of ingredients such as phosphorus, iron, protein and many more, all of which are essential in enhancing breast size. You may even rub some sesame oil on your breasts.

These are just some of the natural methods for breast enhancement which you can make use of. Herbal remedies can do a good job of not only doing so, but also improving your overall health.